For the first time... FireWire 800 and 8x DVD Burning

The Pioneer 107 mechanism is "the world's first "8x8" dual format writer" and it explodes on to the scene at FirewireDirect in FireWire and FireWire USB 2 versions, and a super fast Firewire 800 external system.... the first to combine FireWire 800 with 8x DVD burning

Re-write Re-write Write Write Read Re-Write Write Read
4x 4X 8x 8x 16x 24x 24x 40x

FireWire DVD-R/R featuring  the Pioneer A05 (DVR-105)

UltraBURN VIII Pioneer
DVD±R / ±RW Drive 

This is the the latest in the Pioneer Series that always seems to be out front in DVD burning technology, and as usual FirewireDirect is first to do it at 800Mbps.

You won't find a better DVD recordable drive to create, edit and share customized DVDs and CDs with friends and family using video, photo, audio and data. Capture, archive, organize and personalize your home movies and photos on DVD, VCD, and CD.

You can also back up and archive 4.7 GB on a single-sided recordable DVD disc.... and at the fastest speeds currently available in DVD.

"With 8X DVD±R/±RW multi-format support and the speed promises of FireWire 800, this product will find an increasingly vital role in the digital video and digital audio production environment. "



Features and Specs

  • Write Speeds: 1X , 2X , 4X , 6X and 8X DVD-R; 1X, 2X and 4X DVD-RW; 2.4X, 4X , 6X and 8X +R; 2.4X and 4X +RW; 4X , 8X , 12X, 16X and 24X CD-R; 4X, 10X ,16X and 24X CD-RW
  • Read Speeds: 16X DVD-ROM; 40X CD-ROM


And more....

  • Buffer Memory Size 2Mb
  • ATAPI Interface in FireWire 400, USB 2.0 Combo and FireWire 800 External
  • IDE Data Transfer Mode ATA/ATAPI-5 and SFFC INF-8090i Ver.5.11 PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode 2Supports KODAK Photo CD Single and Multi-session

And more....

  • Supports CD Extra (CD PLUS), Video CD, CD-R and CD-RW reading and writing,
  • Supports DVD-ROM reading, DVD-R (V 2.0 general) reading and writing, DVD-RW (V 1.0 & 1.1) reading and writing, DVD+R (V 1. 0 & V 1.1) reading and writing, and DVD+RW (V 1.2) reading and writing
  • "Buffer Under Run" protection (CD & DVD), Stereo Audio Output, Head Phone Output & Head Phone Volume

Compatible with: Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 - Macintosh 9.1 and above, including OSX. FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 support only possible on operating systems supporting the newer standards.

DVD mastering software included (InstantCD/DVD for Windows and Discribe for Mac). You must choose your operating system at time of checkout or we will be unable to ship software.

Notes for Mac users:
As shipped with Discribe, this product is supported on the Mac (Classic and OSX). All Mac buyers will receive a copy of this program. If you intend to use iDVD and iFamily products, they are designed to work only with hardware installed by Apple, and at this time will not support this drive.

External FireWire 800
External FireWire (400)
UltraBurn VIII Pioneer FireWire 800 External System
UltraBurn VIII Pioneer FireWire External System
Additional USB 2 Connection:
Includes USB Combo 2.0 Interface
USB 2.0 Available as Option for $18
This UltraBurn VIII features the Pioneer 107 DVD±R/±RW Drive
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List Price

List Price

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Ordering DVD X Copy (Windows only)

To order DVD X Copy or DVD X Copy Xpress or the combo package with both (for Windows only) simply choose the option when checking out. Software is specially priced only when purchased with a Windows formatted DVD product from FirewireDirect and can not be purchased as a standalone product. It is a full retail product, but is shipped in special OEM flat-packs without full retail box packaging (otherwise, fully functioning). DVD X Copy and Xpress are tested for use with all FirewireDirect DVD products. We cannot accept returns on opened packages. If DVD drive is returned without software, you'll be charged our discounted retail (non-bundle) price for DVD X Copy. Click here for more info on DVDXCopy
Package Includes:
Package includes: Selected hardware plus full range (110-240V) power adapter, 6Pin/6Pin FireWire Cable (in FireWire or FireWire USB units) or 9Pin/9pin FireWire 800 Cable (in FireWire 800 units), USB v2.0 cable (only when ordered in "Combo" interface) and users manual. [If host system is not selected - no software will be sent]

No special driver software is needed for installation, and manuals (if desired) are provided by free electronic download. Consequently, FirewireDirect has chosen to send this product with no driver CD and with minimal packaging in order to reduce packaging waste. Application (DVD Burning) software indicated for use and bundled with this product is of course included. Find out more about FirewireDirect's Eco-Friendly Business policies by clicking here.
FireWire 800 and USB 2.0
FireWire (USB 2.0 available)
FireWire Chip:
Drive Buffer size:
8.7"x5.5"x1.5" (only one and half inch thick)
6.5 lbs
6.5 lbs
Full Range 110-240V
Full Range 110-240V
One year on DVD-R/RW systems.
Please See Warranty Info in our Policies and Procedures for more information.
System Requirements:

Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, ME and XP.
Mac 9.1 and above, including OSX.
Mac 8.6-9.04 support possible with Apple FireWire drivers.
FireWire 800 supported only in later Mac operating systems.

Drive performance specs are based on manufacturer's information.
All specifications are guidelines and may change without notice.