Interface: Two FireWire 800 (9-pin), one USB 2.0, and featuring the Oxford 922 FireWire/USB bridge
RAID: Independently hardware controlled RAID supporting levels 0 and 1
Transfer Rate: Benchmarks show sustained transfers of over 60MB/s
At a glance: FirewireDirect's newest Vanguard hardware RAID now offers FireWire 800 and USB 2.0, the only system to do so with RAID 0 and 1, and with a cool new design 

The First FireWire 800 HardWare RAID System l THE FIREWIRE 800

How Fast is it? The Vanguard can achieve a sustained transfer rate of over 60MB/s...
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to see the complete benchmark.

Who uses this system?

Graphics pros... power users.... small to medium document servers... digital video and audio pros (and non-pros).... perfect for people who need a large scratch work area.... basic RAID redundancy or any other user who wants the possibilities of RAID but doesn't want software based solutions.

This is the only FireWire 800 based Hardware controlled RAID system available anywhere.


Up to 500 GB (Level 0 Striped)
Up to 250 GB (Level 1 Mirrored)

OS Independent:
Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, XP; Macintosh +9.1, OSX, OSX Server, XSERVE, Novell, Solaris and Unix (FireWire 800 only possible with Operating Systems supporting the new speeds)

Highest quality IDE 7200 RPM drive mechanisms and Oxford 922 FireWire boards.

For the first time ever! Independent RAID Hardware and Levels 1 and 0 in a powerful solution that gives you up to 500GB of high speed, easy to manage FireWire RAID - now with the new speeds and performance possible with 800Mbps FireWire

FirewireDirect's Hardware Controlled FireWire RAID solution thrilled digital video makers with it's speed and top flight construction... the new one is FireWire 800, which means the speeds are significantly faster. It supports Levels 0 and 1 RAID so it's a solution for either speed or redundancy. It also comes with USB 2.0 support so it will plug and play just about anywhere. This aluminum chassis design is just plain rock solid. This hardcore storage ideal for anyone who wants the best in FireWire....

FIREWIRE/HARDWARE RAID ROCKS - Hardware RAID systems offer better performance and stability by providing external processing for RAID functions, meaning they do not consume precious system memory and CPU resources.

The Vanguard III offers top performance and stability while using only your operating systems native drivers.

Vanguard III FireWire RAID Features
  • RAID Level 1 and 0 on all platforms and systems that support FireWire or USB external storage.
  • A single FireWire (Oxford 922) bridge to an independent controller that improves system performance by providing a dedicated hardware controller for the RAID process. Unlike software RAID, it won't drain precious memory and CPU resources.
  • Solidly built with a rigid, durable aluminum casing, locking door bays with key locks, powerful cooling fans and a unique suspended design hard drive tray that minimizes hard disk vibration
  • Easily plug and play, and can be removed from the system without restarting.
  • Unique Auto Rebuilding feature that in the event of a hard disk failure will allow full access to one volume while rebuilding the RAID 1 mirror. The Vanguard system will start rebuilding the array immediately when the system is powered on. Unlike other RAID solutions, the data is available for reading and writing while the array is being rebuilt.
  • Relentless support from FirewireDirect with customer support Help Desk, operator Live Chat support and downloadable manual (PDF - 110KB)
  • Hot Swap Kits (HDD w/Trays) available for backup - keep a replacement drive and tray on hand for instant replacement of discs
  • Backwards compatible - you can use this product on computers still supporting legacy FireWire and USB 1.1.
  • Available in the following configurations: 80/160GB, 240/120GB, 400/200GB, 500/250GB and as enclosure kit.
  • (Shipping ETA Last Week Of October... this is a first of it's kind, high demand product that will be in extremely high demand.... so please plays your orders now.)

RAID 0 and 1 - In Broad Strokes
RAID Level 0 is not redundant. In Level 0, data is split across multiple drives resulting in faster data throughput. With no redundant information stored, performance is very good, but this set up doesn't provide for security of data. RAID Level 1 is commonly referred to as mirroring. It uses 2 hard drives to write your data on to one drive and then "mirror" it on another. The performance of a Level 1 array is slightly better than a single drive, but the real value is in providing security for your critical data. Even if a disk fails, your information is retained on the second drive.




Vanguard 500GB Combo FireWire 800/1394b & USB v2.0 Hardware RAID Series III

Vanguard 400GB Combo FireWire 800/1394b & USB v2.0 Hardware RAID Series III
Vanguard 240GB Combo FireWire 800/1394b & USB v2.0 Hardware RAID Series III
Vanguard 160GB Combo FireWire 800/1394b & USB v2.0 Hardware RAID Series III
Vanguard Combo FireWire 800/1394b & USB v2.0 Hardware RAID Series III Enclosure Kit
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Hot Swap Kit:

250GB/7200RPM FireWire 800 Vanguard Series III Hot-Swap Kit

200GB/7200RPM FireWire 800 Vanguard Series III Hot-Swap Kit

120GB/7200RPM FireWire 800 Vanguard Series III Hot-Swap Kit

80GB/7200RPM FireWire 800 Vanguard Series III Hot-Swap Kit
Vanguard FireWire 800 Series III Hot-Swap Empty Tray (Add your own HDD).
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Package Includes:

FirewireDirect FireWire Vanguard III Hardware RAID Series External Professional FireWire (Oxford 922 Based) Cross Platform System (or Enclosure Kit), supporting (Striping) RAID 0 & (Mirroring) RAID-1 includes 9Pin/9Pin FireWire Cable, USB Cable, Power Cable and Downloadable Manual.

Hot swap replacement drives consist of the indicated drive, plus Vanguard III hot swappable drive tray. Recommended for backup, spare or replacement.

No special driver software is needed for installation, and manuals (if desired) are provided by free electronic download. Consequently, FirewireDirect has chosen to send this product with no driver CD and with minimal packaging in order to reduce packaging waste. Find out more about FirewireDirect's Eco-Friendly Business policies by clicking here.
FireWire 800 / USB 2.0
FireWire 800 / USB 2.0
FireWire 800 / USB 2.0
FireWire 800 / USB 2.0
FireWire 800 / USB 2.0
FireWire Chip:
Oxford 922 FireWire
Oxford 922 FireWire
Oxford 922 FireWire
Oxford 922 FireWire
Oxford 922 FireWire
6.9(w) x 10.6(D) x 5.6(H) inches
Approximately 9 lbs with drives - 7.5 without 
Full Range 110-240V
Warranty: One Year Parts and Labor - returned to FirewireDirect,
Extended Warranty or Premium Service Packages are quoted by request.
System Requirements:

Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, ME and XP.
Mac 9.1 and above, including OSX, OSX Server, XSERVE.
Mac 8.6-9.04 support possible with Apple FireWire drivers.
And all other systems supporting FireWire/1394
FireWire 800 performance on the Mac possible only on supporting OS

FireWire Vanguard's are custom built and configured at the time of your order. Please allow approximately 3-7 days for your item to be shipped once the order is processed.

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Drive performance specs are based on manufacturer's information.
All specifications are guidelines and may change without notice.