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FirewireDirect NewsWire E-Mailing List

The NewsWire is your way to stay on top of new items and special offers from FirewireDirect. Here are the top 3 reasons you can't afford to miss these mailouts:

  • Access to our "Clearance" section, and other special deals, free shipping offers and exclusives available nowhere else
  • New product announcements, many of which go to NewsWire subscribers before they go to the media
  • Latest news about FireWire technology and products and important announcements about your FirewireDirect product updates
Manage Your Subscription to the FirewireDirect NewsWire

We do not share the names on our mailing list with any other party, and your name and email are collected only for the purpose of list management. Please view our privacy policy for more information on mailing list privacy guidelines.

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For Section 508 accessibility purposes, has listed it's product categories & key products below: RAID SATA RAID Fire wire FireWire800 RAID 6Gbps SAS SATA eSATA RAID 5,0,1 Fibre 8 Gbit Fibre 4 Gbit USB Professional Hard Drive Storage PCI CardBus PCMCIA Host Adapters Fiber 1U2U3U4U
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