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Verge Labs Inc. ( :: Phone Contact Information strives to be the best in the industry and offers a tremendous value for the product, service and support delivered. We have been offering our services since 1999 and still today offer Best-of-Class service not offered by any of our other competitors.

Our phone & livechat hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm CST (Central Standard Time) and our HelpDesk E-ticketing support system is online 24/7. We look forward to serving you.

Verge Labs Inc. (
3910 S I.H. 35, Ste 245
Austin, 78704, United States

Tel: 888.307.2840
Fax: 512.464.1243




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For Section 508 accessibility purposes, has listed it's product categories & key products below: RAID SATA RAID Fire wire FireWire800 RAID 6Gbps SAS SATA eSATA RAID 5,0,1 Fibre 8 Gbit Fibre 4 Gbit USB Professional Hard Drive Storage PCI CardBus PCMCIA Host Adapters Fiber 1U2U3U4U
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